My Mother’s Medical ID Bracelet

I did not realize just how far medical technology had gone until I decided to find a medical alert bracelet for my aging mother.  She was living alone in her home, and because I did not want to put her in a nursing home, I needed to find ways to know that she would always be safe when I could not be there.  One of the ways I planned on making sure that she was safe was to get her a medical ID alert bracelet, this way if she ever fell in the home and needed medical attention, anyone who found her would know how to access her records to make sure that she was alright.  In doing my research, I discovered a usb medical id bracelet, and I found it to be the best way to ensure that she was always safe in the home.

usb medical id bracelet

While most medical ID bracelets will provide the necessary medical info that will help doctors to treat any sort of recurring illness my mother might face, the USB bracelet actually contains all of the important info on the USB stick.  This is something that will give doctors immediate access to all of my mother’s medical info so that they will be able to treat her far quicker.  When I bought this bracelet for my mother, I immediately felt better about leaving her in the home during the day.  I, of course, still make sure to check in on her regularly, but the fact that all of that info is in the bracelet makes me feel better about it.

I would definitely suggest this sort of bracelet to anyone who has aging parents who are living at home all by themselves.  It could be the difference between life and death.